Facts About Semi Trucks You May Not Know


While many drivers think that semi trucks are a nuisance on the road and dangerous – otherwise you wouldn’t see drivers consistently speed up when they approach one in the neighboring lane – there are actually legitimate reasons as to why they drift into your lane occasionally, or why they block both lanes leaving you with nowhere to pass.


At AM/PM Road Service, we don’t really like how semis have a bad road reputation, so we’ve compiled a list of facts about semi-trucks that you may not know.


Facts About Semi-Trucks You Should Know

  • Tire blow outs are more common than you’d think. Everyone has seen those massive chunks of tire on the road when they’re on a road trip, or even if they’re just driving to work. Well, those tire chunks are almost definitely from a truck carrying a heavy load. A majority of semi trucks can carry 80,000 lbs so; the tires are basically ticking time bombs waiting to detonate. Remember to keep your distance when driving near a semi and if you pass them, do it efficiently because if they do blow a tire, the truck will begin to swerve making it dangerous for everyone surrounding them.
  • Drifting into other lanes is normal. Semi trucks essentially act as a sail and they’re engineered that way. Considering the amount of surface area that a semi takes up, it’s inevitable the rig will drift therefore, if you’re driving in high winds; keep an eye on any passing semis because it will be harder for them to control their vehicle.
  • There are blind spots everywhere. If you car has blind spots, it’s almost inevitable that a semi will have more, and larger one’s at that. The best way to pass a semi is on their left side because they’ll have a better view of you, plus they’re more likely to switch lanes to the right than to move further into the high speed lane.

Sharing the Road with Semi Trucks

When you’re sharing the road with a semi and you start to get irritated because they’re driving slowly, or they’re driving side by side with another truck, there’s a reason. Semis can only accelerate to a certain speed so, while they’re going to pass their counterpart, they can only reach a certain MPH. So, practice your patience – it’ll pay off with you not getting into an accident later.


Truckers aren’t the bullies of the road. Keep in mind that they’re doing the best they can and you don’t know how much weight they’re carrying in their rig that is already hard enough to drive. Just make sure you stay cautious and do your part as another driver on the road.

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